18 months this week since I commited to taking on this gigantic project all by myself!

I have put absolutely everything I have in to it! Physically and mentally!!

I have watched a million renovation shows and done smaller refurbs on houses in the UK but never could I have predicted what trying to fully renovate and build on a property in a country you don’t speak the language very well, in the back end of nowhere when you live over 1000 miles away could be like! 🤣

This is made especially difficult when you are very detail focussed, a bit of a perfectionist and a definite control freak 😬

BUT…. We are getting there! Slowly but surely 🙌🏽

We are a bit behind and there is still HEAPS to do but the builder has agreed to get the main section of the house done by Christmas so I can FINALLY go and spend some actual time there (rather than just the odd couple of days here and there!)!

Soooo I get to spend 10 days there soon and I can’t wait!!

More updates coming soon! 🤩

Spanish retreat venue coming to you Spring 24 🇪🇸