Discover the world and yourself with daily workouts designed by our awesome coaches, experience new activities specific to the destination and eat wholesome, delicious, nutritious food.


Our team of awesome instructors design fully inclusive, fun workouts to suit all levels of fitness.

Combining cardio, strength training, core work and plenty of stretching with adventurous hikes, fun new activities and lots of chill time makes for the perfect Fitness and wellness Escape!

We plan heaps of activities every day so that you can get the most from your time with us but everything is optional so if you would rather sit back and relax for a few hours – go for it!

Expect: HIIT, Pilates, weights, functional training, body conditioning, beach activities, bootcamp style workouts, hikes, mobility & yoga.

You will have a day off in our week-long escapes to explore the local area, go on a boat trip in the crystal clear waters, try surfing with a local pro, eat some of the lush local delicacies or just relax in the glorious sunshine.


We are passionate about food and firmly believe that “it’s not what you take out of your diet, it’s what you put in”.

You won’t find any fad or restrictive diets on our escapes: just honest, healthy, nutritious and – most importantly – delicious food.

We create menus specific to the individual retreat, so whether you’ll need high protein after a big workout or something light before yoga, we will ensure that you never go hungry.

Dietary restrictions can be catered for – please contact us for further information.


We know a big reason people choose to go on our retreats is to do something they love alongside like-minded people.

Our Escapees are the heart and soul of the retreat experience and don’t be surprised if you make some great new friendships along the way. Solo travellers, friends, couples: all are welcome! Pick the room option that works for you, pack your bags and off you go! Leave the rest to us.

We will always let you know who our retreats are aimed at. Most will be suitable for everyone, all ages and fitness levels but some may be slightly more specific so you can choose the right one for you.


Hand-picked, tried and tested destinations in the UK & worldwide: all our locations are chosen using our extensive travel experiences and knowledge of the places we offer to bring you the greatest of Escapes.

Yes it’s important to have a gorgeous place to lay your head at night (and lush bathrooms to get clean in) but we also ensure you have awesome workout spaces and surrounding areas to explore, whether that’s gorgeous beaches, crystal clear oceans, stunning mountains or beautiful forests.