I can’t believe I’m saying this but…….

We made it!!! 🇪🇸🏡💛❣️

I am the very proud owner of a traditional Andalusian property in the mountains with the most insanely beautiful views on the border of Malaga & Cordoba in a little town called Iznajar 💛 Which I am turning into a small boutique fitness retreat and it is going to be AMAZING!! 🤩

The area is perfect!! Easy access to 4 major cities, the coast, the Sierra Nevada (for skiing ⛷️ in winter) and on the doorstep are stunning mountains with the biggest lake in Andalusia 3 miles away which has all sorts of water-sports going on. Also great for hiking & cycling (if you like a challenge 😋)

I’m not sure if it was stubbornness, grit, determination or just the absolute certainty that i’m doing the right thing (even when everybody I know thought I was completely mad! 🙈)

I don’t know what’s kept me going for the most stressful 399 days of my life 🤪 but we’re here!!! 👏🏽👏🏽

Well half here, let the building work commence 🤣

I would just like to thank my nearest and dearest for putting up with me for the last 13 months 🫶while I’ve felt like my life was on hold but I’m back!! 😁

I’ve been here for the last few days 🇪🇸, letting it all sink in, doing a lot of planning & meeting with architects and builders! It’s a huuuuge job (mainly external work) so I’m hoping to open Spring 24 (I remember saying that about this time last year about Spring 23 🤣🤣)

This photo is the view from my terrace at 8am! 🫶

It’s hard to take photos of the house at the moment as it’s hidden by olive trees 🫒🌳

I will be posting updates on FB and Instagram! But I’ll also be doing some blog posts via the website! So if you haven’t subscribed to Fresh Fit Escapes yet then why not? 😁